Customer pre-acquisition analytics
foretaster is an amazingly simple and fun way to learn more about your customers. See the timeline of every person who signups or makes a purchase on your website.
Focus on each customer
Discover how long were each of your new customers or leads coming back to your website before finally signing up or making a purchase.
Optimize your marketing
Find out if the AdWords campaign you've launched 2-weeks ago works and if the time you spend marketing on Facebook is worth it.
Get started right away
It's easy and it's fun. You don't need a PhD. in statistics to be able to use foretaster.
Used by 400+ customers
Online Project Management Tool
Roman uses foretaster to see where his users came from and for how long were they coming back before finally signing up. foretaster also helps him identify which combination of marketing channels brings the best results.
Travel Agency
Ian uses foretaster to get better understanding of the buying behavior of his clients. Safari tours are not something you'd buy on impulse and it usually takes time before you're ready to fill out the inquiry form on the website.